Working With Photography

Getting a camera mere inches away from a succulent in the conservatory is much less difficult then trying to get good photos of people. I think that taking the photos on an I-pod with a bright blue back made it difficult to blend in. Perhaps using a real camera would make you look more like a photographer and less like a snoop. The thing I would do differently is having a nicer camera. This class has really made me want to invest in a camera of my own.

Halftime at the Boarder War.
Mountain West official Kaili Kimura during halftime of the border war on the 23rd gets some needed rest. While the court in Laramie is temporarily taken over by other activities.

I was court side during the ladies’ border war and realized just how much was going on outside of the people playing in the game. I ended up at the game due to the signs that are posted all over campus, as well as my general disdain for CSU. This photo ended up displaying great depth and a lot of emotion on her face.

Braving the Cold.
Jess Litch, a junior in the pharmacy school at UW, bundled up to cross the frozen tundra that is the University of Wyoming campus during the winter months.

I took a bunch of photos like this to start because I felt uncomfortable sticking the camera in people’s faces. During the week of February 11th Laramie was plunged into subzero wind chill for almost the entire week. Keeping my hand out of my pocket in the frigid air was not a pleasant feeling. With this photo I tried to use the rule of thirds to keep her in the edge of the shot while also showing the shade that encompassed the walk way. What I really liked about this shot was the fact that any mom would be proud. This is exactly how a mom would send their kid to school. My own mother on the other hand would have been furious as I was wearing a pair of slides with socks instead of boots.

The Music Man.
Party Pros entertainment DJ Jason Tays keeps the arena rocking, even before the fans have all arrived for the match up against highly ranked Nevada on February the 16th in the AA.

Jason Tays is somewhat of a staple at any UW basketball event. If you have ever braved the student section for a game, he is almost always on the platform directly above the rowdy group. While the photo was rather blurry I thought it did a good job of highlighting the color on his laptop case. With the band behind him in all yellow and his table and shirt being brown, the bright colors on the case stand out and really draw the eye to that portion of the image. This game brought out the student section in full force as UW’s men faced off with top 10 ranked Nevada.

Bonding With the Community.
In the midst of warm ups before the boarder war senior forward Tijana Raca spoke with a young fan.

This image was awesome to photograph. Being so close to the action as well as being there 2 hours early allowed me to catch the moments fans do not always get to see. The crowd at this game was one of the largest of the season. Due to the Cowgirls 8 game win streak coming in it was likely as large or larger than any men’s game to date. For this shot my goal was to establish size. Perhaps, that aspect makes the photo more heartwarming to see. I could not help but smile while watching the exchange. I had a good photo of the two of them facing the camera but, I was unable to get the permission of the father (you can see his legs in between them) to use that image.

Bouncing Cancer With the Cowgirls.
Derek Mishiro of WyoVision prepares to shoot a special message for the video board with Tereza Vitulova in the AA prior to tip on Saturday the 23rd.

In this image Tereza is pulling out her card that says she “Bounces Cancer” for her uncle. Cancer is something that affects all of us in some way or another, these sorts of shots really remind people our athletes are just like the rest of us. This photo was quite easy to take as it presented itself directly in front of where I was sitting, and their natural conversation faced them towards me. This photo really focuses in on them and leaves the background a bit blurry. This way the eye is not taken to the crowd control person in the deeper portion of the background. Before getting this image I also photographed about half of the team having this same exchange.

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