Game Day in Lower Downtown Denver.

When going to a Rockies game in Denver all the options in the city may seem a little daunting. Denver is a big place and game days can present some big crowds. As someone who has been going to games for 14 years now I can help newcomers and groups of friends navigate these treacherous waters.

Picking a spot to start or end the fun of going out to a ball game can be a topic that stirs heated debate among a friend group. If someone chooses wrong they may never hear the end of it. Some of the local favorites mentioned within this post will keep readers out of the dog house and provide a great game day experience for everyone involved.

The Cherry Cricket

The first spot and my personal favorite is the Cherry Cricket. The Cherry Cricket has been a Denver staple for decades. With two locations it is important to note that the one being mentioned here is there newest ballpark location. Located at 2220 Blake Street it is just a short walk from Coors field itself.

Photographer Danielle Lirette from Westword Magazine.
The Cherry Cricket Ballpark opened in 2018 after they outgrew having just one location in the city, Lower downtown Denver.

If it is your first time going to a game this is the perfect location to avoid getting too far from the stadium while still enjoying a great meal and a drink. I have been going to their other location since I was 9 years old and the burgers are some of the best in the city.

Blake Street Tavern

Photo from Mile High Happy
Blake Street Tavern is always buzzing with sports fans even in the middle of the day as seen here, Lower downtown Denver.

“It does not matter if you are going to the game or looking for a bar to watch the game Blake Street is the spot to be.” Mentioned my brother Mac who lives in LoDo and insisted this spot make the list.

As someone who frequently goes out to watch sports his high praise for this spot meant it needed to be mentioned. Blake Street Tavern is a spot for true sports fans. While they are accommodating to all kinds of fans the diehard fan will really appreciate the atmosphere inside.

ViewHouse Ballpark

ViewHouse is every twenty something girls favorite spot on game day. The restaurant offers a beautiful outside upper deck area as well as a small turf field located on the ground level that is filled with games. I can personally attest to the fact that this set up offers more than enough opportunity for people to get the perfect photo “for the gram”.

Photo from ViewHouse main page.
The lively turf field at ground level where patrons can play games ranging from corn hole to badminton, Lower downtown Denver.

“This is the spot that every group of girls wants to go to before a game. It really anchors a game day snap chat story.” Mac said when talking about the ViewHouse. The proximity to the field makes the walk after a pre-game meal and drinks a non-issue. On a nice week day afternoon, the game day crowds are much smaller making this venue even more fun for everyone involved.

Lodo’s Bar and Grill

Owned by the son of the Rockies owner Lodo’s really embodies the spirit of the lower downtown area. Lodo’s rooftop patio is the perfect place to be on a cool summer night. With a view of the stadium from the roof Lodo’s is a great place to go to enjoy some of the years post game fireworks displays.

Crowded rooftop bar at Lodo’s Bar and Grill with Coors Field in background, Lower downtown Denver.
Photo From Blaine Harrington III.

In my experience of all the places on this list Lodo’s has the best drink specials. If fans are seeking a place with a great atmosphere as well as some good deals on standard drinks Lodo’s is the place to be.

Terminal Bar

Photo from TripAdvisor user Tirebiter8.
The Terminal Bar located right inside the terminal of Union Station, Lower downtown Denver.

The Terminal Bar is a venue that my brother and I have been walking past since we were much too young to drink. One of the first things you see after entering Union Station off the light rail is this spot. The bar is perfect for getting a drink as you wait for your light rail back after the game or stopping off first thing when you arrive in Denver.

“If you’re the impatient type this is the perfect place to kill time after a long day in the sun watching the Colorado Rockies.” Points out my brother. It is interesting he mentions this as the “impatient type” he is describing is exactly how I view him.

The beer garden known as The Plaza Beer Garden is a great patio space that looks all the way down 17th street to Wazee Street. One of the coolest features of the entire place is that it sits where the old ticket office used to be. When you order a drink, you walk right up to a window that still says “tickets” above it.

The spots mentioned in this post will provide great food, drinks and atmosphere that help to enhance anyone’s game day experience. Suggesting one of these spots to friends will end the debate on where to go and make the person who suggests it look like a real pro at navigating the big city.

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