Instagram and the Media.

Instagram is an important part of any media groups promotional strategy. Using Instagram, you can connect with your readers as well as gain new readers. With Instagram you have the capability to hook readers with well shot photos and even behind the scenes videos that they otherwise may not see.

Prior to this assignment I had a lot of experience with Instagram. I have had one for about 6 years and understand all the features available on the site. Canva on the other hand was totally new to me. The site was not difficult to understand, and I can see many uses for it in my future career.

On my Instagram one specific thing I aimed for was making the posts easy to relate too. Simple captions like “Can’t believe it’s snowing in May?” can be an effective way to capitalize on peoples yearning for warmer weather.

A screen shot of my Instagram account promoting this blog.

Another tactic I used was picking a tropical theme in Canva to go with the post promoting the creative devices assignment. Since all the photos on that blog post are of lush flowers it seemed like an easy way to convey what a reader could expect if they visited that blog post.

One challenging aspect of this assignment was trying to use relevant hashtags in the Instagram posts. I have only used Instagram in the past as a site for connecting with friends. With that being said my captions are very different than the style required on a professional account. Finding four hashtags per posting was about four times the amount I would otherwise use.

What really surprised me while working through this was the amount of engagement that hashtags generate. Since I created my other Instagram when I was living with my parents I always had it set to the private option.

When you have it on public people can find your post based on the hashtags you use. This allows for greater exposure and getting likes from people who otherwise would never see your post. Using hashtags in the professional manner allows people with similar interests to engage with your posts and the work you link to those posts.

The most important take away to keep in mind when using Instagram is that you must make content that you would personally be intrigued by. If you try to get into other people’s minds you will lose sight of the simple things that make posts appealing.

Ultimately, going forward I see Instagram being a tool to promote the personalities of show hosts I work with. Since I want to be in the production and directing side of broadcast journalism. One thing that stood out to me was how Wyoming Public Radio showed the hosts of shows dancing around in the booth or even singing along to the music. Posting stories to relate too listeners or viewers will be one way I utilize the site in the future.

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