My name is Tanner Wold I am from Edina, Minnesota and currently reside in Laramie, Wyoming. When I was in high school I lived just south of Wyoming in Colorado while I did enjoy Colorado Wyoming has opened my eyes to tons of different experiences and ways of life.

This blog is being used to showcase some of my writing as well as photography relating to the multimedia production class at the University of Wyoming. I also want to use the blog to to polish my communication and writing skills.

I like to ski and be outdoors whenever I get the chance. However, I also enjoy just relaxing and watching television. I personally prefer to watch comedy shows to keep things light. I am currently working for the Universities sports media production team and also enjoy watching sports of all kinds.

My family lives mostly in Colorado and Minnesota and I plan to move out of Wyoming after graduation (as great as it is here). If at all possible I’d like to end up in Colorado or Minnesota after graduation to be closer to my family and to save myself the horror of traveling during the holidays. With all that being said when provided the opportunity stories will be tailored to local outdoors stuff as well as teams and places I am a fan of. Writing for me has always been much easier when it relates to things I am passionate about.

Ultimately, I see myself working in the broadcast side of journalism perhaps as a producer or director. My main experience is in that area of journalism but, I am eager to expand into the writing side. I have always loved the classic writing and news reporting side of journalism. I look forward to keeping this blog current and full of interesting content.